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Tooth Fillings Chisholm


If we detect any signs of decay during your regular examinations then we will recommend a suitable filling. This treatment may also be necessary to replace an existing filling that has begun to crumble or leak. A filling will invisibly repair a tooth, restoring strength and structure and protecting it from further damage. We use the very latest composite resin materials as these come in a huge variety of shades and translucencies, enabling our dentist to match the filling to your natural tooth.

The Procedure for a Filling

The procedure to place a filling is very straightforward and we use local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable. Next, our dentist will remove the decayed or damaged area before applying the filling material to the cavity. The material is hardened and can be shaped and polished to provide a very natural appearance. Composite resin forms a strong bond to the tooth, sealing out bacteria and creating a long-lasting and hard wearing restoration.

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