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Invisible Braces in Chisholm

A straighter smile is certainly more attractive and can be healthier, but nobody wants to have to wear highly visible braces for months on end. This is why Vogue Family Dental is excited to provide our patients with nearly invisible braces and we prefer to use a system called Tru-Line.

About Tru-LineTM Invisible Braces

Tru-Line is an advanced braces system that does not use any brackets, wires or metal bands. Instead, it consists of a series of fully removable clear plastic aligners that fit tightly yet comfortably over your teeth. All you have to do is wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks, before progressing onto the next set of aligners to continue gently moving your teeth. Treatment can correct problems with overcrowded teeth or will help to close up gaps in between your teeth. Tru-Line aligners can also correct bite issues, including underbites, overbites and crossbites.

Why We Like Tru-Line Aligners

We particularly like these aligners as they are very easy to use. You do need to keep them in all the time, except during mealtimes and when you brush and floss, but you can remove them for the occasional special event. Once in your mouth, you will find the aligners are extremely unobtrusive and are perfect for anyone with a career involving frequent meetings with clients or customers, or for anyone who would prefer other people not to know they are wearing braces.

You can make an appointment online or over the phone on (02) 6291 5533 or drop by at the practice at 2/26 Benham St, Chisholm ACT 2905.

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