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Orthodontics in Chisholm Canberra

Orthodontics Chisholm

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that can straighten teeth. Appliances can be fixed or removable and modern braces can often produce significant results within a very short space of time.  Treatment is much gentler than ever before and today’s braces are very discreet.

The really good thing about orthodontics is that provided your teeth are strong and healthy, it is never too late to have treatment and we are fitting an increasing number of adults with braces. Orthodontics can often be the most conservative way to straighten front teeth, preserving tooth structure and sometimes improving dental health as straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. Here at Vogue Family Dental, we use one of the most advanced removable braces to gently straighten front teeth.

This treatment can also be worth considering if you previously wore braces as a child but have seen your teeth shift position with age or where you haven’t used your retainer as recommended.

For more information, please speak to our friendly team on (02) 6291 5533 to learn more about our range of affordable orthodontic treatments. Vogue Family Dental is located at 2/26 Benham St, Chisholm ACT 2905.

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