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Whiten Teeth in Chisholm

In-Chair ZoomTM Teeth Whitening

Vogue Family Dental can quickly and safely whiten your teeth with our in-chair whitening treatment. We have chosen to use ZoomTM whitening products as this system is one of the most effective available today. Before you whiten your teeth, we will need to check you do not have any existing dental problems as it is important to have a healthy mouth for this treatment. At the same time, we can tell you the kind of results you can reasonably expect to achieve as teeth whitening will not change the colour of any existing restorations or internally stained teeth.

The Procedure for Teeth Whitening

Treatment will take around an hour and begins with protecting your lips and gums. Next, professional strength whitening gel is painted onto your teeth and this is activated with a special light. The light helps the gel to penetrate your teeth more easily, lifting deep-seated stains. The gel is then wiped off your teeth and it may be reapplied so the process can be repeated two or three times until the desired effects are achieved. Once treatment is completed, your teeth should be several shades lighter. We will also give you full instructions on how to care for your teeth including advice on how to maintain your beautifully white smile for longer.

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Customised Home Whitening Kits

If you would prefer to whiten more slowly, we can provide customised home whitening kits. These include whitening trays that are especially made to fit over your teeth and whitening gel so you can whiten safely and comfortably in the privacy of your own home.

A home whitening kit might be preferable if your teeth are very sensitive as we can provide a lower strength of whitening gel to reduce tooth sensitivity. Your custom-made whitening trays simply need to be worn for a few hours each day or you can wear them overnight. Your teeth will begin to look brighter within a few days, but treatment will generally take a couple of weeks to complete. Afterwards you will be able to re-use your whitening trays when you wish to top up the results.

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