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Our Technology

Vogue Family Dental has invested in some of the most up-to-date technology in order to provide you with the very best service. This allows us to make accurate diagnoses so we can suggest the most advanced and appropriate treatments. Our technology includes:
• Intra-oral camera
• Digital x-rays
• In-house OPG x-rays

Intra-oral Camera
We find this technology invaluable as an intra-oral camera can take detailed photos of any areas of concern in your mouth. As well as allowing us to plan your treatment more effectively, these detailed images can be shown on a screen in our surgery. This allows us to explain any problems to you very clearly so you can more fully understand your oral health and can see exactly what is happening in your mouth.

Digital X-Rays
We use digital dental x-rays to show areas hidden from view, for example the contact areas in between your teeth or the root of a tooth. They are extremely useful for showing areas of infection and decay and for planning treatment such as root canal therapy. Digital x-rays are extremely safe, emitting very low levels of radiation. We do take sets of digital x-rays periodically and most healthy adults will require a set every two years or so.

In-House OPG
OPG stands for orthopantomogram which is a special type of x-ray showing a panoramic view of your lower face. This image enables us to see all the teeth in your upper and lower jaw and is useful for identifying teeth that are yet to erupt, for example wisdom teeth, for planning orthodontic treatment or for providing a general overview of your teeth and jawbone.

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